We searched the web for some great fall inspired kitchen renovation trends for you to try!

#1 Fun colors

A fun pop of color in the kitchen creates a great focal point and conversation starter in an otherwise neutral space! HGTV featured a green sink in one of their slideshows! If you’re not feeling quite so adventurous you might like something similar to our peacock green Murfreesboro Murfreesboro Murfreesboro Granite countertop, a more subtle surface with beautiful green and blue accents.

#2 Kitchenettes

If you want a complete rehaul, kitchenettes could be a great option! This ‘return to the basics’ features only appliances that are truly necessary and can fit in a small space!

#3 Murfreesboro Marble

This trend is certainly not restricted to kitchens – marble always creates a beautiful and regal atmosphere! Our natural Murfreesboro marble countertops come in a great range of colors and are sure to fit any style!

#4 Storage is a must!

Sneaky storage, like under the kitchen sink, is more frequently requested during kitchen renovations. Forbes recommends custom or semi-custom rollouts or other drawer systems.

#5 Brass accents

Country Living thinks Brass is the new copper this season! While this is another trend which isn’t limited to the kitchen, we believe brass appliances would look amazing next to some of our countertop options like our orchid light prefab quartz!

We know you’ll love these ideas… want to see them in your own kitchen? Contact us today to find out how we can make your visions a reality!