Are you looking to remodel or create your own kitchen layout for your new home? It’s important to have a good sense of space and organization in your layout.

Make sure to have enough cabinet space, just enough that is comfortable for you. Above and below the countertops are the prime real estate for your cabinets. These are the main focal point of your kitchen, and it’s the first thing that everyone’s eyes are drawn to.

Keep your stove and fridge on opposite sides or far enough away from each other where there is enough space in the kitchen for people to move around in the kitchen. Next to your stove, keep a counter space and next to this, your sink and dishwasher that way you have the perfect spot to place your dishes and utensils that you’ve just used.

While the design is up to you entirely, it’s always good to have the layout in the back of your mind for your kitchen’s future uses. After you’ve created a design, use our Virtual Kitchen Designer to flesh out the final layout, materials and even colors.

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