If you want to revamp your fireplace for the holiday season, there are a couple of things you need to consider.


Do you want a modern, sleek, warm, cozy or elegant look? Will the style you choose fit the decor of your current living space?

Maintenance and Durability

Depending on the type of material you choose for your fireplace, you’ll have to determine if it needs to be sealed and how much effort is required to keep it clean. Choose a material that withstands the tests of time, children, and pets.


Different materials vary in price. Consider your price point so you’ll know your options. Once you’ve determined your style, budget, and maintenance, there are a variety of beautiful stones to choose from.

Murfreesboro Granite

Murfreesboro Granite is very durable, affordable, easy to clean, and provides a contemporary look for your living space.

Murfreesboro Marble

Murfreesboro Marble is pure elegance. It is often more pricey, requires sealing to help prevent damage, and needs regular maintenance. If you have children or pets, Murfreesboro marble may not be the best option for you based on the sensitive nature of the stone.


Limestone is the perfect choice for adding a formal style to your space. Limestone comes in a variety of colors and can be installed like brick for a more rustic look. It’s a durable but porous stone that can be scratched and stained.


Travertine is a versatile stone that can be installed like tile or brick. Its durability is similar to limestone and marble.Travertine should be sealed for protection and longevity.


Quartz is incredibly durable and low-maintenance. Quartz is an affordable option and doesn’t need to be stained in order to last longer. This nonporous surface is great for busy areas and homes with children and pets.

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