#1 Things to Do

The easiest way to transform a room into an entertainment space is to add a bit of entertainment itself.

A TV is great for viewing parties or sports fans, game systems like Wiis or Playstations are fun for all ages and a pool table is best for relaxed get-togethers.

#2 Comfortable Seating

Having (enough) comfortable seating ensures your guests are happy to spend time in your home! Big couches are always a favorite but don’t be afraid to experiment with fun options like Bean Bags.

#3 Clutter-Free

Make sure to keep the space completely clutter-free. While the space should have a nice lived-in feel, clutter can take away from the relaxation of your guests. It’s also a smart idea to already have a storage system in place because entertainment spaces tend to be some of the messiest rooms in the home.

#4 Counter Space

Make sure you have a lot of counter space. This is especially important when considering the upcoming holidays or dinner parties. You need to have enough room to place food and drinks for your guests.

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