As we move closer to the big holidays of the season, your stress level is probably high when considering the get-togethers you will be hosting.

Taking these steps in advance will help take the pressure off and make sure you have everything for a great celebration with family and friends.

#1 Clear Clutter

Before you start with anything, make sure you clean and pick up around the house. By cleaning ahead of time, you will have nothing else to worry when the big day comes! Make sure countertops are clear for your guests’ food and drink.

#2 Clean the pantry and refrigerator

It’s best to do this before you go shopping for the holiday meal. Clean out old food to make space for the new ingredients. Make sure you have enough space for leftovers!

#3 Start meal prep!

Get as much done as you can in advance! Whether this means creating spice mixes, baking or starting the main dishes. Cooking in advance helps reduce stress leading up to your event. If anything is missing, you will realize and can pick it up in time.

A few days before the celebrations double check you have all the ingredients and drinks you will need! Grocery stores are usually closed on the holidays, and even if they are open, most lack in supplies. The day before celebrations, double check guest lists, playlists, seating arrangements or any other small details that are important to you.

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