The Super Bowl is now less than two months away! Just like the holidays, throwing the perfect Super Bowl party can be a stressor.

Here are some tips to get prepared:

#1 Stock Up

While it may be a bit too early now, make sure you stock up on food and drink a week or two before your celebrations. You don’t want to have to scramble to find any special ingredients the days leading up to the big get-together. If you wish to have any decorations, get them now! Make sure you also send out invitations within the next few weeks.

#2 Use Storage Wisely!

We know you will be purchasing a lot of food and drink in preparation for your party. By using your storage wisely, you will not have any unnecessary clutter in your home. Knowing you have everything you need neatly squared will help you relax!

#3 Expand Your Countertops

If storage room is still a bit sparse, you should consider expanding your countertops! During our Winter White Sale, it won’t cost you the bank. Until December 31, 2017, you can save 20% on featured Silestone quartz including Pulsar, Lagoon, Helix, White Zeus, Lyra, Lusso, Stellar Snow, White Storm, Pearl Jasmine and Iconic during our Winter White Sale. Call us today (818) 805-1178 or request a free estimate. Countertops are a great place to store different non-perishable food or drink items as well as kitchen tools.

#4 Look at Your Draft Picks

A little competition never hurt anybody! How have your draft picks been working out so far this season? Do you have any other fun activities or games planned for your party? Let us know below!