For most homes, the standard cabinetry, stove, oven, and appliances are enough.

However, for a professional or hobby chef, this just might not cut it. Take on some of these kitchen renovations and have a kitchen fit for a pro!

#1 Double Trouble

Double sinks are a must! Each chef can have their own or one can be designated to cleaning fruits and vegetables while the other can store dirty dishes. Double ovens are another great option, especially if you love cooking and baking!

#2 Counter Space

Make sure your kitchen has spacious quality counters of either stainless steel or natural stone like quartz, marble or granite. Installing two islands or just an extra large island can provide that extra counter space you are missing! If you have the space to install two different islands, consider transforming it into a prep area and the other into hidden storage.

#3 Open Floor Plan

When designing a kitchen to accommodate a great cook, movement is essential. Don’t make any corners or other spaces too tight! If your kitchen is closed off to the dining space, it may be a good idea to knock down that wall to create a breezy atmosphere.

#4 Heaps of Storage

If you have enough space, installing a walk-in pantry should be at the top of your list! This way, all of your food and ingredients will be directly in sight and there will be no more rummaging through overfilled drawers. A large pantry may also help you tackle countertop clutter!

#5 Quality Appliances

While this isn’t a renovation, it’s certainly a necessary addition! Especially when cooking at home, investing in some cool and time-saving appliances like steamers, crock pots or sandwich makers are definitely worth the splurge. Take a look at which 50 Kitchen tools your favorite chefs can’t live without on Food Network.

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a free estimate!