The Super Bowl is coming up on Sunday! Big preparations are probably all done so here are some last minute things to do on game day.

#1 Make an Easy Cleanup

This year, there won’t be any more worrying about a big clean up following the party. Cover your coffee table and any other food covered surfaces with some Kraft wrapping paper, tape down the edges and you’re ready to go! Since it’s just paper, you won’t have to worry about cleaning a tablecloth afterward. Make sure to have different trash cans scattered across the entertainment area. This way your guests help with clean up right away and you aren’t stuck with bins filled to the brim!

#2 Lots of seating

Depending on the size of your party, couch space can run out pretty quickly. Create some last minute comfy seating by throwing some pillows and cushions on the floor from other places in the house. If you have extra chairs, line them up in rows like in a movie theater. But, don’t overstuff the room, everyone needs to be able to see the game clearly!

#3 Food is top-priority

Make sure there’s enough to eat! We know your guests will be glued to the tv during the game, so make sure at least some finger food is within reach from the couch. If you’re making bigger dishes, the first should be out before kick-off and the second right before halftime, so your guests don’t have to miss any part of the game. Avoid messes by providing plenty of napkins, wet wipes ,and paper plates. No idea what you’re going to make yet? Check out the Food Network’s easy Super Bowl recipes.

#4 Keep Guests Safe

If you’re providing alcohol at your party make sure to post taxi details near your front door for when guests are ready to leave. Write your address and a taxi company’s number to make sure everyone gets home safe, even after having a few drinks.

Do you have any Super Bowl party tips? Leave them down below!