If you are considering a home remodel in the near future, these 7 tips will definitely help you ensure a successful home remodel!

#1 Planning is key

Planning should be extensive and cover all the different facets of the remodel. Some renovations will force you to leave your house for some time. Organize a “home away from home” so you have a place to sleep, relax and cook during the entirety of the renovations. You don’t want to be stuck eating out for weeks on end! However, remodels come with a lot of surprises, so make sure you have a backup plan in case the work is taking longer than expected. A detailed budget plan should also be drafted before getting in touch with contractors.

#2 Hire a good contractor

First comes first, conduct interviews and get quotes! Then you will have an idea of what the general price range is for the project in your area. During the interviews, ask to see their previous projects and find out if they specialize in the renovation you want to get done. It’s also very important to make sure contractors are licensed and insured in your area. Before any work begins, both parties need to agree on a detailed contract. Regarding payment, you should only pay up to 10% of the agreed project amount before they start working. Your entire budget shouldn’t be dedicated to just one project. There could be a few surprises along the way. You should expect to spend around 10-15% more than planned.

#3 Put valuable and breakable items in storage

Accidents can happen, especially when you are remodeling the whole house. If there are any items you wouldn’t want to be damaged or broken, put them in storage before work begins! Stationary things like hardwood floors can be protected with cardboard sheets. All furniture should also be placed in storage for the entirety of the renovations.

#4 Open communication is key!

Especially with your contractors! If something isn’t turning out quite how you expected, make sure to let them know. It’s much easier to fix something in the process than having to tear everything down and start again.

#5 Consider what’s most important

Luxury items or appliances are always a great touch to any home but focus on what you need! This is even more important with a tight budget. For example, in kitchens, this means creating plenty of cabinets, storage, and counter space.

#6 Quality materials

Quality is definitely worth the splurge. It makes no sense to carry out a full renovation with sub-par materials to have to replace everything a few years later! Having the best materials possible paired with a great contractor are the two vital ingredients for a successful home remodel. Do your research to make sure the materials you are using match up with your lifestyle. A house full of kids will require some more durable and easy to clean materials than a single person household. For kitchens and bathrooms consider using natural stone for countertops. Natural stone is extremely durable and considering which type you choose, requires little to no upkeep. Planet Stone is your local LA contact specializing in a variety of different stones including marble, granite, and quartz. Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding questions or for a free quote!

Leave a comment below about your experiences and any tips you have to have a successful home remodel!