Bathrooms are a huge part of daily life, but are often smaller than the rest of the rooms in our house! It’s important to have a visually pleasing space with enough room to store all of our toiletries and linens.

There are a lot of different ways to get the most storage out of your bathroom. The most obvious is to renovate, knock down some walls and physically make the room larger. However, a lot of households often lack the extra space to spare or don’t have the budget for a complete remodel. Using some of these design illusions and storage hacks, we guarantee you will create more storage while keeping your bathroom uncluttered and stylish!

Trick your eyes with these design illusions…

#1 Soft Colors

Soft or pale wall colors can convey the feeling of a larger space. Use louder accent colors in towels and decorations to spice up the design. The same applies to your countertops sinks and cabinets in your bathroom. These colors reflect light easier and give the illusion of a larger space.

#2 Glass and Mirrors

Curtains can take up your bathroom space visually and make space seem tight. So replace them with glass shower doors!

Big mirrors reflect the surrounding space and trick the eye into seeing a much more spacious room!

Natural light is your best friend. If you don’t have any access to natural light in your bathroom, try recessed lighting. Lighting fixtures from the ceiling can make the room feel smaller.

Bathroom storage hacks…

#1 Utilize space everywhere

This means medicine cabinet doors too! Store smaller items like brushes, curling irons or straighteners in small bins on the back of the doors.

Create more storage on the back of doors! Hanging multiple towels on the back of your bathroom door makes them easy to grab in a rush and frees up closet space in your bathroom. You can find some cheap towel racks on Amazon.

#2 Shelves, shelves, shelves!

If you have the wall space, try stacking shelves on top of each other and double up on storage.

Installing an outlet shelf can help declutter your counter space by storing small items like electric toothbrushes.

If you have already have a full-length mirror in your bathroom, install secret shelving behind it.

The wall above your toilet is another hot commodity for storage space. You can buy a tall storage unit with cabinet space, or just install a few shelves on the wall yourself to create more storage.

#3 Don’t forget under the sink!

If your sink doesn’t come with a cabinet underneath, a sink skirt can be a great option! Sink skirts help hide your storage so the room doesn’t appear cluttered. Not to mention, the skirt adds another hint of design in your bathroom!

Enough bathroom storage is often hard to come by in a new home. So, we hope these tips help you create the bathroom of your dreams! Do you have any home storage or design tips? Leave them in a comment down below!