Looking at home decor and design magazines, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the many different design trends that become popular.

Color has always been a huge home design trend. Every year, and every season for that matter has a new color that is all the rage. Take a look at our guide below on how to incorporate color into your home decor today!

#1 Paint

Paint is one of the easiest and most versatile ways to incorporate fun colors into your home decor. Painting an accent wall, small designs or an entire room with trendy colors can help you create the new atmosphere you are searching for without having to throw out all of your furniture. Benjamin Moore’s 2018 color of the year, Caliente, is a beautiful red tone perfect for walls or small paint accents. If you don’t want to make that much of a design change,  try painting the inside of your cabinets.

#2 Textiles

Textiles like throws, blankets, rugs, and towels are another great way to incorporate fun colors into your home. Not to mention, you can never have enough soft towels or blankets. Sherwin-Williams also released their pick for 2018’s top color, Oceanside. This deep blue would look beautiful as a couch throw or decor pillows in the bedroom.

#3 Tableware

Different tableware items from placemats to the plates themselves can be another great opportunity to bring in unusual colors. Like textiles, these are items you need anyways and should be updated every once in a while when the normal wear and tear starts to show. Consider plates or mugs with fun designs featuring a trendy color, like Pantone’s UltraViolet.

#4 Flowers and Greenery

Right in time for spring and summer, bring in some color by incorporating a bit of mother nature into your home’s design. Flowers and plants are a great option if you want the flexibility to change your mind and design often.

#5 Art

Having art in your home brings in a touch of refinement! While you don’t necessarily have to pick art pieces according to their color, a painting can be a great opportunity to incorporate a popular hue into your home. Like flowers, art pieces are easy to replace but can come with a big price tag.

#6 Natural Stone

Planet Stone offers a large selection of natural and prefab stones like quartz, marble, and granite. We have stones like China green or Carmen red which are solid pops of color, as well as something like Kelvingrove which has hints of blue throughout the stone. Not only will natural stone add to the overall beauty of your home, but also adds to the durability and value of your kitchen or bathroom. If you would like to bring natural stone into your home, don’t hesitate to request a free estimate!

If you haven’t quite decided which color you would like to feature in your decor, bring a sample home! Place the paint or fabric sample in the room you were envisioning it in and see if it lives up to your expectations. Keep trying out other colors until you find the perfect match!

If purple, blue or red aren’t quite your style, check our Valspar’s 2018 color palette! From deep greens to neutral grays, there is certainly something for everyone’s taste. Do you have any more tips about incorporating fun and trendy colors into your home decor? Leave a comment down below!