Everyone can use a little bit of luck! Around the world, there are many different kinds of lucky charms spanning from animals to paint color.

Take a look at our top favorite and incorporate them into your daily life to bring luck, prosperity, and happiness.

#1 Animals

In many cultures, animals and even bugs can represent and attract luck into your life. Elephants are a well-known symbol of loyalty, wisdom, and luck! Anything from small sculptures to a large painting of elephants will be a beautiful conversation piece as well as a lucky charm. Other lucky animals include goldfish, turtles, and tortoises! Make your home design stand out by decorating your home with unusual lucky charms like dragons or scarab beetles.

#2 Keep it Clean

One of the most simple Feng Shui rules is to keep your home, but most importantly the entryway clean and tidy. This assures you will start your day on a good note, and lets positive energy flow throughout your home to attract luck!

#3 Lucky Charms

There are many different kinds of symbols that represent luck in different cultures. Horseshoes are one great example that can also compliment a rustic home design. Evil eyes are very popular in the Middle East and can add a beautiful pop of blue to any home.

#4 Mirrors

In Feng Shui, mirrors are believed to attract positive energy and bring you luck! Place them strategically to reflect the outside.

#5 Design Elements

Painting your door based on the direction it faces is another feng shui rule that attracts positive energy and luck! Paint doors that face south red. Northern facing doors should be painted blue or black, west-facing gray or white and east-facing brown or green. Not only will these colors bring you plenty of luck, but are also a sneaky way to incorporate color into your home design!

Using bamboo elements around your home are not only visually pleasing but are also one of the largest luck bringers in the Feng Shui principles. Bamboo is durable, so it is also suitable for gardens or other outside areas.  

The next time you stop at the grocery store, don’t forget to pick up some citrus fruits! According to Feng Shui, they attract good luck and wealth! Do you believe in Feng Shui or lucky charms? Do you have any of your own lucky charms? Leave a comment down below!