Life can be hectic, so use life hacks to help you get things done faster! Today there are tons of life hacks shared on social media networks like Facebook every day to help you clean up faster, get organized or cook a delicious meal.

#1 Baking soda

Baking soda should be your best friend! The granular texture enables you to scrub dishes and surfaces with ease and adds a deodorizing touch. Baking soda has a bunch of other uses like whitening your teeth or exfoliating your skin.

#2 Clean fans with ease

Use pillowcases to clean ceiling fans! Wrap the pillowcase around the blades, so no dust or other particles fall down while you’re cleaning.

#3 Something sticky?

Use oil to get rid of anything sticky! Olive oil is an excellent choice, especially when trying to clean your shoes. The oils in peanut butter can help get gum out of your hair!

#4 Burned pans?

No need to get rid of burned pots or pans! Simmer dish soap mixed with some water and use a spatula to scrape off the charred patches as they soften.  

#5 Easy green thumb

Use water to kill weeds – adding a bit of salt can make it even more effective!

If you have cut flowers in your home that are starting to wilt or lose their color, put the stems in hot water until the water cools down. Then cut off that section of the stem and place the flowers into a vase of room temperature water.

Does your family have any life hacks that have been passed down through the generations? Leave a comment down below!