Are you still looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? We can help! At Planet Stone, we offer a wide range of custom and prefab countertops made from the highest quality natural stones on the market! Whether the cook, designer, spa-goer, or busy bee, your mom will love a Planet Stone renovation!

#1 The Cook

Does your mom love cooking? Consider giving her what she’s been wishing for, a new and improved kitchen! Pre-fab countertops are absolutely beautiful and durable enough to last through years of kitchen experiments and family get-togethers. Our pre-fab countertops come in a variety of colors and start at $29.99 per square foot installed.

#2 The Designer

Has your mom been dying to redesign the house? Where’s a better place to start than the kitchen or bathroom? These two rooms are essential in your day to day life and just renovating the countertops can skyrocket your home’s market value. From subdued neutrals to brights reds, blues and greens, there is something for every style!

#3 The Spa-Goer

Our moms do so much for us, so why not reward her with a spa experience at home? Planet Stone offers a fresh makeover with natural stone for tubs/showers, vanity tops, walls, flooring, and bathroom prefab countertops. Recreating her favorite spa retreat is a breeze with our huge selection of natural stones for fair prices. Request a free estimate today!

#4 The Busy Bee

After a long day, the last thing our moms should worry about is a big cleanup. Installing natural stone in your kitchen and bathrooms greatly reduces cleanup time! No more worrying about spills or scratches, natural stone is incredibly durable. And, depending on which stone you choose for your home, maintenance and regular upkeep are minimal.

The entire Planet Stone team wishes you and your family a happy Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to reach out to us for last minute Mother’s Day gifts or a free estimate!